How can I be listed as provider at signup


it´s great, that you´ve launched the new signup tool (, but how can I become a provider at this signup process too?

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I am also planning to host a large NC instance as a freemium offering. Getting listed on would be great for visibility.

Instructions on how to become a provider would be great.

@jospoortvliet did you see this? :slight_smile: What’s the process of applying as a provider?

@yoursql719 @anindyamaiti there’s some base requirements of which some are already visible on the sign up list:

  • min 2 GB free storage
  • supporting a core set of apps: Files, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Talk, Tasks, Notes
  • keeping updated to the latest version

@jospoortvliet knows the details. :slight_smile: Maybe we should add some info on how to apply?

There is a request on github:

Shoot me a direct email on my first name @ - I’ll get back to you with a list of requirements and something to sign if you agree to fulfil them :wink: