How can I add a list of users on a share?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to add a list of users a file/folder is shared with to the item name.

Don’t know how to explain this better but this is what we currently have:

and I would like to get something like that (for users who have the file/folder shared with them)

Any ideas?

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All I need is to add:

<div data-v-41fc3610="" data-v-0e9419d0="" tabindex="0" aria-label="Avatar of xxx, offline" role="button" class="avatardiv popovermenu-wrapper sharing-entry__avatar avatardiv--with-menu has-tooltip" style="--size: 32px; line-height: 32px; font-size: 18px;" data-original-title="null">
<img data-v-41fc3610="" src="/index.php/avatar/xxx/64" srcset="/index.php/avatar/xxx/64 1x, /index.php/avatar/xx/512 8x" alt=""> 
<div data-v-41fc3610="" class="v-popover" placement="auto" container="body">
<div class="trigger" style="display: inline-block;">
<span data-v-41fc3610="" aria-hidden="true" aria-label="" role="img" decorative="" class="material-design-icon dots-horizontal-icon icon-more">
<svg fill="currentColor" width="20" height="20" viewBox="0 0 24 24" class="material-design-icon__svg">
<path d="M16,12A2,2 0 0,1 18,10A2,2 0 0,1 20,12A2,2 0 0,1 18,14A2,2 0 0,1 16,12M10,12A2,2 0 0,1 12,10A2,2 0 0,1 14,12A2,2 0 0,1 12,14A2,2 0 0,1 10,12M4,12A2,2 0 0,1 6,10A2,2 0 0,1 8,12A2,2 0 0,1 6,14A2,2 0 0,1 4,12Z">
</path></svg></span></div> </div> <!----> <!----></div>

to here

<span class="fileactions"><a class="action action-share permanent shared-style" href="#" data-action="Share" data-original-title="" title=""><span class="icon icon-shared"></span><span>Shared</span></a><a class="action action-menu permanent" href="#" data-action="menu" data-original-title="" title="">
			<span class="icon icon-more"></span>
			<span class="hidden-visually">Actions</span>

Or could that be added to next NC release? :wink:

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