How can Guest notice my new comment?

Hi everyone,

I’m writing comments on a pdf which is inside a folder I have shared with a Guest. Everything is working all fine except that the guest cannot notice that I have sent him a new comment unless he manually refreshes the page. Instead, when he posts a new comment, it shows up right away to me.
Is there any way to fix this?
Thank you.

Give the user a full account. Question other way around: how to reach the guest if he doesn’t have any contact data?

Hi rakekniven,

I have installed the Guests app and invited him (see attachment), if I got your question well.

I’ve try with a full user account as you suggest but unfortunately nothing has changed.

Someone has other suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi! Unfortunately, it seems like the automatic refreshing of comments might not be enabled for the guest. To ensure they see your new comments promptly, advise them to manually refresh the page after you’ve added a comment. It’s a temporary workaround until automatic updates for guests are implemented in the system.