How best hide menu elements in the NC GUI?

I wish to hide some details of the Nextcloud interface, primarily in the top bar - where the ‘contacts’, search’ icons etc is located by default.

I’ve managed to hide ‘contacts’ and ‘notifications’ by using Custom CSS and simply setting them to ‘display:none’.

But I’m struggling to hide for example the “? Help” menu option inside the user dropdown (the right top corner). That menu alternative - from an HTML perspective - is housed within an DIV ID called “help”, but hiding that ID using CSS doesn’t work.

I’m also interested in hiding/disabling some of the icons/shortcuts at the left of the top row, like files, activities and audioplayer etc.

Are there any common or methodical ways of going about this?
Or, is it just hardcore code analysis and manually figuring out exactly what generates what?

try the apporder app. You can hide apps from users using this app and set a fixed order.

@joergschulz Thank you.
You are right. I am familiar with Apporder app. It has worked for me before. But this time - on my freshly installed NC latest version - it doesn’t function for me.
The app does install without complaints, it shows up in the administrative settings and I can check/uncheck the different app icons. But nothing happens when I do. Also I cannot re-arrange them in the NC page.

Maybe this is because I have some other app installed that interferes with its functionality. Nextcloud does come with plenty of apps pre-installed, so it is difficult to know.

This is part of why I am trying in different ways and methods. Also the Apporder app will not remove icons such as ‘contacts’ or ‘help’ in the user menu dropdown.

Phew, Jesus.Been scanning code now for 2 days straight. Tried probably over 100 different combinations to hide the top header row icons, and the “help” icon in the user dropdown menu. No success yet.
The inter-dependencies in the code makes thing so … endlessly unforeseeable, to my eyes at least.

If anyone would have any form of suggestions for resolving this, it would really be appreciated :confused: I haven’t tried attacking this problem via OCC panel yet, not sure if that might work.

Thank you

regarding the ‘help’, there is good news elsewhere: Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation :

'knowledgebaseenabled' => true,

true enables the Help menu item in the user menu (top right of the Nextcloud Web interface). false removes the Help item.

@joergschulz Wow. That worked great! Thank you so much :smiley:
Still working on the “Files” icon up to the left. Not the logo icon to the absolute upper left, but the small “folder” icon next to it, up to the left, called “Files” - and a few more icons belonging to apps.
I used to be able to control them with “App Order” app, but it doesn’t work for me now. Freshly installed v25 NC.

@Ange.Reid AppOrder is broken on NC25 afaik
You can use CustomMenu instead which offers many other features:

You maybe can hide the button Files not the function. So no security advantage. Every user knows the url. What is the goal of your Nextcloud? What about a quota of 0 bytes?

@devnull My purpose with hiding the Files icon/button (and other similar ones), is to clear up the interface. To make it as simple to understand visually and conceptually as possible.
I am not doing it for security reasons.