How are removed appointments marked as deleted?


I have the problem, that something seems to have broken my calendars. I fear one of my clients went wild and removed/destroyed some appointments. I know this as I had repeating appointments that should show every week. This is no longer true. The appointment shows neither in the web app nor on my client.

Now I fear there are multiple appointments that have been lost but that are not that prominent. So I was looking for a way to check that in the database (aka in my daily/weekly DB dumps). That way, I might be able to build a SQL query to select all affected appointments.

When looking into the database it seems there is the appointment still present. I have not been able to check if it is a consistent calendar file (is there a tool to do this related to NC implementation?). I was looking for a flag that indicates a removed/deleted entry in the table.

So, the final question is: How are calendar appointments removed in the database? Are the rows simply dropped?

Thanks for your support

@georgehrke I found that you are the former maintainer of the calendar app. Can you point me to someone or somewhere where I can ask my questions?

I need to know for whom I need to look and who might be able to answer my questions.

Thank you very much!