How and when to update PHP version

When and how to upgrade the system php version?

I’m running an ncp server with nextcloud 25.0.3, and the php version on the system is 7.4.33
The admin page shows me a ‘warning’ suggesting that I update php to a higher version. However, in the past I suffered through an update that included PHP and the upgrade did not go well, shall we say.

So, based on GitHub, NextCloud now supports PHP > 8, but I’m wondering what would be the best, safest way to do this? Should I simply apt-get update php, or should I wait until php gets updated as part of the ncp-update process?

Thanks for any suggestions. I’m not in a rush to do this upgrade, but would like to get in front of it because of my previous experience with updating php on the ncp.

Imho best to wait for ncp update to take care of php version. Unless you know what you are doing and need it for an app that requires it.

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If you use ncp on a bullseye based OS you should already be on PHP 8.1. Not sure why it hasn’t updaded on your instance.

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