Hostiso one of the baddest experience of customer support I had in my entire life


I’ve come here to complain and to warn people about hostiso.
I had 2 really bad experience during my 15 years of experience in IT interms of customer support, and I mean like 1 or 2 on a sale of 1 to 10. 10 being the greatest experience ever.
There was codeanywhere and now there is hostiso.

Those 2 companies have no interests in listening to the customers and certainly not to their tickets. I don’t know how they manage their response team. IF they are indians in a call center who just have to follow a protocol without reallly reading the ticket and answering the quesiton of the customer or other wise.
They won’t ever recognize they have done osmething wrong.
They won’t read your concerns or tickets and answer them thoroughly.
And they certainly won’t do any commercial gesture because of their mistakes.

I had concerns about my hostiso nextcloud free offer to which I added a few months ago an extra space because there was no encryption what so ever on the interface. No server side encryption, no end to end (which that can be understandable), etc…
So I asked them the question. I had to ask them 6 times (without exageration) in different ways to orientate the discussion and finally get an answer that they were considering all type of encryption in nextcloud as unstable. Which it might be true, I don’t know but what a F***** long effort to just answer me that.
Before to get this answer the only or “first” response to my questions was not really an answer but to tell me that I always can order a shared or vps setup to configre nextcloud myself… In other terms “Go f*** yourself by order a new product and manage it yourself, you morron, and stop bothering us with your questions”
I would gladly post my entire ticket but I know from experience that it is sometimes not allowed in the EULA of forums so I won’t do it until asked and authorize to do so.

Another example is that I asked them a bunch of practical question,
like what kind of interface will I have access to with a shared compared to a vps,
was it like a container,
is there a process to transfer my data or do I need to it myself,
how will the transfer of funds (since I wanted a partial refund at least from theextra ordered space for this month) to my new order will be happening,

only 2 questions were answered. That I would have the same access as to a vps (which is not really a full answer either), liek the customer is supposed to know how it is happening. If they have a web interface to manage or if it is only a CLI through ssh… Am I asking too much or what?
And hte other one was that the transfer of unds will be processed when I will inform them of the new order -> which I did. And now they just canceled the order. I guess because they were thinking (ow he wants to be refund… so let’s do that without asking him first).

So much energy spent for nothing, just because they just can’t read properly a ticket. that’s really upsetting.
So be aware that if you will have to ask the support something, they will be hard to contact and to get an answer from.


Now Hostiso became Cloudamo (or had been absorbed, who knows) (and they did the migration of my datas from Hostiso to Cloudamo without even noticing neither asking), do you think I should take back my datas and say goodbye or I can trust Cloudamo and let them keep (safe) my datas ?

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If you not self host your data, you must trust your provider. Does your provider use server side encryption? If yes it is better but not 100% safe.

I have pretty bad experience with them too. I ordered Nextcloud hosting with them when they appeared, it was some time ago and I just want to share my experience. Maybe it can be useful to anyone who might consider them as next hosting provider.

First I noticed on their website “We are Official Nextcloud Provider!”, as far as I know there is nothing like that in existence, but I thought, ok, its a marketing thing. By checking what features they offer, the list seemed perfect with fully managed hosting including installation, setup, optimization,… lots of promises. And finally, the prices were insanely low, taking into account their claim of SSD storage (up to 10TB of SSD storage for $19.60), I couldn’t find anything like that anywhere. So I said, lets give it a try, although it seemed fishy on the first glance, but…

And I didn’t need to wait very long to get the answers. Once the order was paid, the issues started immediately. The Nextcloud wasn’t even installed and when I opened the ticket about it, they acted like “Would you like us to install Nextcloud for you?”. Well, who wouldn’t expect Nextcloud installation if Nextcloud was ordered?! Finally they did the installation, setup and optimization according to what they claim on website, but right after login to Nextcloud, a bunch of warnings were displayed in Settings, because they simply didn’t care about taking few more steps to really finish the basic setup, this is telling more than enough about their “fully managed” promises! The final straw for me was the realization of yet another false claim on their website - SSD storage, which was/is non-existing!

Deliberate lying to clients in order to achieve sale is something that should never be tolerated (correct me if I’m wrong). The last shock for me was the fact Cloudamo is a company based in Austria. I always had very high opinion about this country and their way of doing business, but it looks like Cloudamo is their black sheep which throws really bad light on them. I just hope I’m wrong and this is one rare case of very bad business practice. This experience also proved well enough, that very low prices and (maybe too) generous promises are a bit too much to be true and they end up with big disappointment (even bigger than I ever expected).


Thank you very much for your experience @firbec. What I ve been able to see about Cloudamo has the same color of what you had to deal with.
I m now considering quitting Cloudmao and taking back my datas.

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