Hosting podcasts, so direct links and/or rss feeds are needed

Sorry to ask, but I can’t figure this out.

How do we generate links to our files? For example,

Using SSH, I see my files, so can create a direct link, but pasting that into a browser fails to play. Is this an .htaccess permission problem, or is something else happening?

RSS feeds for our folder contents would also be great.

Thanks for any assistance with this.

Have a look at this:

You could also just create a public web directory on your webserver and link it into Nextcloud via the external storage app. With some .htaccess rules you can make sure it only serves .mp3/ogg files to the public.

As for RSS, have a look here for possible options: Podcast RSS feed from a (shared) folder

Thanks! I’ll definitely check that out.

Was just about to edit my post to say that someone made a similar request earlier this year:

Some answers were provided, although none were very elegant. :slightly_frowning_face: I could always install Wordpress somewhere, and host the audios there, because the links are easy… but I’d like to manage the files within Nextcloud… if I can do that in a non-Rube Goldberg kind of way.

** File sharing choices should include a “direct link” option.
** Folders should have RSS buttons so people/apps/etc. can receive updates.

Thanks again, Bernie!

Thanks, Kris! There’s some overlap in our replies :slight_smile: lol

Your external folder idea is great, and is the best solution I’ve heard. Combined with the RSS generation methods, I think that’ll work.

Thanks again.