Hosting on 2 different plans

I am using nextcloud mainly as a backup / media server for my photos, but also for my keepass database with webdav. Now i am looking for a hosting provider, but it looks like it’s difficult to find a cheap hosting provider that provides a lot of disk space with some performance. So then i thought if it is possible to buy 2 cheap solutions and then combine them. For example i see a linux-vps with 1 CPU and 4GB, but it has only 40 GB storage. But they also have a storage VPS with 1 cpu and 0.25 GB, but with 256 GB of storage. Now I asked if i could combine the 2, and the helpdesk said that i could configure NFS on the server and then mount the storage VPS on the linux-VPS and share the folders between the servers. The total price will then be around 10 Euro. Does somebody has experience with this? Will this work?

it should.

But… who will backup the backups?

I see you are in europe, I guess you haven’t seen stuff like this.

(I have not tried this, they keep no backups, etc etc, they are cheap).

You can use federated sharing. E.g. take a small fast one for stuff that is heavily used, the other stuff use a second setup that you share with your first setup via federated sharing. In that case, all traffic goes through both servers, if your bandwidth between both servers is limited that could be critical.