Hosting Nextcloud hub on Digitalocean

I spoke to Digital Ocean support and they said that I had to reach out to nextcloud about hosting the platform on a digitalocean image. Is it possible to do this? I would like to use nextcloud but the installation is a bit difficult. Having it in the marketplace would be awesome.

Here is a copy of the email:

Hi Corey,

That is a good suggestion. However it us not under our control at this point. Anyone can become a vendor and host their image on marketplace:

You might want to reach out to nextcloud and have them sign up for the above to become a vendor.

Customer Success Engineer

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They are a lot Nextcloud Provider that can offer you a Nextcloud Account.

We also offer it.Look here.

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Hello @Corey_Hunter. DO is only one of the providers of Nextcloud instances. There are other providers listed here In the list of community hosting there are also quite a few providers including, where I am a team member. We provide ready2use Instances for individuals and teams that do not want to get into the technical side of things and just want Nextcloud up and running & updated. You can schedule a call with @Silva.Arapi or myself here if you have any questions