Hosting all data on a webdav share?


Short question (longer explanation follows): is it possible to host all Nextcloud data (i.e. the users data) on a webdav share?

Background: I have Nextcloud installed on a cheap virtual host. Storage there is precious and my users would like to store some bigger files. For Christmas, I made a gift to myself and got a really nice DSL upstream, so I can provide cheap storage from my home via webdav to Nextcloud.

First thing I tried is to add that cheap, large storage via Nextclouds External Storage Module. That works, but the directory structure is non-intuitive for my users now: Files stored on the vhost eat away precious memory, but files in the folder for the external storage are cheap. Not each of my users understands this.

So I would like to move everything thats in data/<username/ to one webdav share. I could mount that share with linux devfs2 filesystem support and then somehow move data/ there… is that a good idea? Are there better ideas?

Thanks for your help!

not without monitoring the mountpoint and taking appropriate action (shutdown nc) if the mountpoint is down.

Hmm as you anyway have a webdav storage at home, why not make this the Nextcloud instance itself? Mandatory that your home server runs reliable, which is anyway the case if you want to put all user data there.

External storage as already stated always brings the issue of not being always 100% in sync and might being unavailable while the Nextcloud instance is. And yeah not sure if it’s possible to deny local storage for users (quota=0?) while external storage is allowed.