Hoster creates folders for logging. How to ignore them in integrity check?

Hi, I have a new domain set up that I want to use exclusively for Nextcloud. So obviously Nextcloud should be in the domain root and not in some random sub folder.

However my hosting provider (all-inkl) is automatically creating two folders ("/logs" and “/usage”) in the root directory associated with a domain. I can not redirect them. They always have to be there. The only possibility to get rid of them would be to disable logging all together. But for obvious reasons I do not want to do that.

After installing Nextcloud, it starts complaining about these extra files.

I now figured out that I could “solve” the problem by installing in a sub folder and redirect the root domain to this folder. It works, but I am not happy with it. It just looks ugly. Especially this thing with federated cloud. "". Ugh.

I tried to rewrite URLs using .htaccess so that it can stay in the sub folder but looks like its in root. I failed. Maybe I am too dumb for it, maybe it is just not possible (tried 20+ variations and resigned because nothing was working).

Now considering if I should move it back to root and just disable logging. Also this might be a terrible idea. Having some IP-Logs might be important some day.

It all could be so easy if I could just tell the integrity check to ignore this two folders…

Any advise?