Hosted Nextcloud, 3 -5 users

I need a little bit of file sharing among a very small team (3 ppl, 5 at max), ideally with collaborative services (editing excel files in the browser) enabled, and don’t want to deal with hosting a nextcloud instance myself. Is there any solution for such a case? seems to be targeting much larger (50+) organisations. Also It’s not really clear whether those plans include hosting services at all.

Suppose it depends on your requirements regarding:

  • Reliability and availability (up-time etc.)
  • Storage and backup (how much?)
  • Support (7x24h, phone, email)

A test account is usually free, anything above that will cost you. Bet there are some people on the forum who can provide you with a low-end service if that is what you are looking for.

Just my 2 cents.

enterprise level (is that like 99% or so?)

  • 2GB to start with. Possibility to upgrade upon need
  • as I am syncing the files on various computers (that’s how it works, right?) I guess we don’t need any cloud backup even

mail, response within 24 hrs

so you say the company nextcloud does NOT provide such a service, right?

Check out the providers page. I think it’s what you’re looking for.


When talking about collaborative services the main question is where your team is sitting and how good your internet connection is.

If you share a common office e.g. I would suggest to setup an own Nextcloud and Onlyoffice/Collabra host inside your own network. This not only saves bandwith and improve loading times, all data also remain in your network.

Provider’s page is only the half side of the coin. You still in need of a Document Server for Onlyoffice/Collabra.

Web hosters offer a combination of Nextcloud and Collabora already. So the providers page should be a good start.
I wouldn’t ask a community member to support your server though. A professional provider is not only offering the server (Nextcloud) but also support and help.

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As you said, Nextcloud as Company is more targeting larger companies and organizations. So check provider’s page there you will find a lot of Professional Hosters for smaller teams. As Schmu said, if you are running a business I would rely on a professional service only. This also could be a local company of your choice offering close support.

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thanks everybody. I think I’m on the right track for what I need