Hooks on vCard change/update/create/remove

I’m looking for a Hook if contacts are updated,
if there are no such Hooks, what is the best way to read inforamtion out of contacts in an app.

Concretely I need it for the maps app. Contacts with a geo tag are no problem. The Problem is with vCard which only have an address. I need to lookup the geo information for the address, and this is not possible on demand. So I have to do it in advanced an cache the results. It would only be needed once per vCard. So going though all contacts with a cronjob seems realy unefficent.

Any Ideas?

FYI, the issue tracker of the contacts app already contains such a feature request, but such functions haven’t yet been implemented. I think @skjnldsv should be able to answer your question and provide some inside on the contact handling.

@j-ed thanks for that information. Haven’t looked there.
So I will work with a temporal workarround for now. And do the clean implementation as soon
https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues/211 is implemented.

Hey! :slight_smile:
Let’s close this and continue on github :wink:

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