Home vs Away server

Hey folks, this may have been covered but I cant seem to find anything on it. I have a NextcloudPi and the server address internally is obviously different from my NO-IP address. How do people deal with this as its difficult to have two separate servers addresses and switch between them depending if I am home or not?


Hi @kmsgli, after some modification on my router, i have access to my server with the domain name from my home. If you can’t do that, you need to set your server into DMZ settings in your router ( set a firewall on your server if you do this) or set a redirection with yourname domain and local ip in your router.

Thanks for your input, I have an edge-router by ubiquity and followed the instructions for NAT loop-back which i believe is what solves this problem I guess i wanted to make sure I am not missing some setting in my actual NextCloud server or app that resolves this problem but it sounds like this is totally a Router issue and has nothing to do with NextCloud?

Yes, this is not an issue nextcloud.

Just to close this thread out I solved the issue, it is in fact router specific but what you need to look into is NAT loopback, that is what solved my issue.

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