Home : ubuntu 18.04 server : ubuntu 18.04 but davfs2 doesn't work

Hi all,

I installed NC 17 on ubuntu server 18.04.
It’s workng perfectly at https://subdomain.domain.ltd

I’m able to connect from home with firefox and sync Thunderbird
I’m able to connect from my mobile (Android)


I try to use davfs2 from CAJA (ubuntu-mate 18.04 and it’s seems impossible

  • I installed davfs2
  • I creatd 2 folder on my home (/home/MyUserName)
  1. /home/MyUserName/.davfs2
  2. /home/MyUserName/NextCloud
  • I paste from /etc/davfs2/secrets to /home/MyUserName/.davfs2/secrets

  • I edited secrets file to add
    /home/MyUserName/NextCloud UserNextCloud PW_NextCloud

  • I add MyUserName to davfs2 group
    sudo adduser $USER davfs2

  • I edit /etc/fstab and add
    https://subdomain.domain.ltd/remote.php/dav /home/MyUserName/NextCloud davfs user,rw,auto 0 0

  • After that, I try to mount this device
    mount ~/NextCloud

  • And I ave this message
    Impossible de s'authentifier auprès du serveur: Demande Basic rejetée

  • Tranlate in english :
    Impossible to authenticate to the server: Request Basic Rejected

I don’t find any information to resolve this problem.

I accept all proposition and test .

My objective is to use Nextcloud with CAJA without use firefox for files. And it’s a device like my hard disk.

Thanks in advance for your precious help


Have you set-up an individual app password for the davfs2 access?