Home storage non writable after nextcloud 20 update

after the update to 20.0.4 every new user created cannop create/delete files either via web interace and client.
If i scan with occ files:scan the output is

 Starting scan for user 1 out of 1 (newuser)
 Home storage for user newuser not writable
 Make sure you're running the scan command only as the user the web server runs as

all the old (created pre-nc20 update) users behave normally.

Also, I noticed that the delete option is missing on the dropdown menu for the new users

What can I check?

Thank you in advance

Update (and solved):
nextcloud 20 creates the users folders with wrong permission schemas: 775 instead of 755.

once corrected with chmod it works again. But every new user has to be corrected by hand

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I have same problem with NC 21.0.4 and directory ‘data’.