Home Network Server Setup // Yottamaster // Pi 4

Hi everyone,

I want to build a homemade cloud server to store all my data. Mostly my data is Photos and Videos. I checked Nextcloud and I am thinking to build my home Server with these 3 things:

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Yottamaster PS Series, Type c
Western Digital 4TB x2

Share your thoughts, do you believe it is the right solution?

I would spend a few more pennies on a real computer. AMD Athlon 3000G is $50USD and way way faster. Replace the YM with a mini computer case and a mini ITX/ATX motherboard.

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With Pi 4 and NextcloudPi it won’t be fast? Those things from amazon costs me around 250$ because I am buying without VAT. Also I have already one WD 4TB and in the future I want to have two more bays to extend my free space.

In my experience, Nextcloud isn’t very fast, especially if you want to use thumbnails / photo gallery. It’s impossible on a slow computer. I have not tried the Pi4 though. Perhaps someone else here has and can contribute their experience.