Home dir as primary storage

Is it possible to remove all local storage (/data) and map users home folders from my AD?
Right now i have their home folders mapped as external storage. But that’s the only place i want them to save files in so can i make it my primary storage and get rid of the local storage?

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Can somebody please link us to ongoing discussion about this?
For sure, we are not the only two persons who want this.
Also, some information about mapping file permissions to system users (PAM?) would be appreciated - what’s the status quo? My users use the local/remote desktop also!

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One possible way to specify / in folder name of external storage setting. This changes has been done in commit Allow using ‘/’ as external storage root.

However, doing so with LDAP / AD integration shall break some function. e.g.: The AD users won’t shows in NextCloud user page.

Use /in this manner may break other NextCloud function too as user’s home folder is now rely on external storage.