Home beast cloud server

Hi Guys,

I am going to build my first home server very soon.
Gonna be based on Dell PowerEdge c6100 - 2 dual Xeon nodes.
Second node I will probably use for rendering or something like it - future feature.
First node I want to set up with Ubuntu server running docker, then Next cloud in the docker container.
Additionally I plan to have a desktops backups running with Duplicity or something simmilar.

And I still have lots of horse power available, so my long term goal is:
I want to have RD Web for every user with persistent data.
I will probably run Ubuntu in docker with Guacamole set up to create HTML5 desktop.

There is a lot to figure out as I am beginner(or rather noob :D) so here are my questions

  1. if it is stupid - please tell me
  2. do you know of any project trying to accomplish it I can look at and/or support?