Ho to do userexport? nextcloud-userexport

it seems there is no app for userexport and only this script from user bpcurse:


  1. What does it mean under in userexport installation for that script?
  • Upload all files to a directory on your webserver and open index.php in a browser. You can point a subdomain like https://export.cloud.example.com at it.

Can we install the script in any directory on any webspace/server we have control? Or does this nextcloud-userexport script need a directory in a relation to our nextcloud server?

  1. are there other methods for exporting nextcloud users/accounts?


Answer 1 question:
Tested. Its possible just upload nextcloud-userexport in any directory of your servers or webspace. It works.

I use calcardbackup and does an excellent job. Just a suggestion if you want to backup users calendar data. Do a search for it. It has many options so you can tailor it to your needs.