High storage space usage by Android app

I notice the Nextcloud Android app is using over 11 GB of storage on my phone, and there seems to be no way to reclaim it. I have no files stored locally, and tapping the “Clear storage” and “Clear cache” buttons doesn’t appear to do anything.

Is there a way I can find out why the app is using so much space and reclaim it? My phone is not rooted.


I second that. My usage is just 4 GByte but it’s increasing constantly.
Same with the phone of my wife.

Would be great if I could get back the storage space soon :sunglasses:

Same issue noticed on my side.
10.5 GB are used by NC android app, even if only the automatic contact backup file is synched locally.

Can you resolve this troubble with storage?
I’ve 10GB storage used fot nextcloud android app

I think if you sync files they are stored on the app and in the cloud.

I don’t understand this functionality.
I want instant upload Camera pics and media WhatsApp folders.
Why nextcloud duplicates the files in the phone storage?

Would have been great to have an answer to this, cause I’m stuck with the same issue.

I was able to figure out what caused this, at least on my phone. I used ADB to get a root shell and looked around in /data/data/com.nextcloud.client/files and found it was hoarding over 10GB of “temporary” files it seemed to have copied there during an automatic upload but “forgot” to delete. I deleted them (good old rm -rf) and now it’s only using under 300MB of storage.