High I/O load from cron-job

Hi all!
Basic Info:
I’m running Nextcloud 20 with MySQL in a Debian 10 LXC Container on a Proxmox setup, running PHP 7.3.19. Nothing else running in this container.

I’m running the nextcloud cron via cron job, not via AJAX cron. Only reason is that I thought it is more stable an reliable.
Only one User on the Nextcloud instance with ~400mb Data in it. So definitely a very small install.

But as you can see in the screenshot the nextcloud cron produces quite a lot write I/O. Since this is my fist Proxmox Host with SSD only I’m concerned about my SSD. Running quite a few other VMs and Containers on that Host, and Nextcloud produces by far the most I/O while being idle.

Is there anything I’m missing? Any thoughts on that topic?


Same here
NC 20.0.8
Php 7.4
There is a high write load on mysql during the “cron job”.
Redis and Apcu are active.