High CPU usage during file transfer by webdav?

So, I’m not sure whether this is a bug or just normal behavior, but everytime I start a file transfer (larger files, not just some kb) using webdav, apache takes nearly all my cpu. After the file transfer finishes the cpu gets back to normal (~3%).

I’m running Nextcloud stable 12.0.2 in a VM and have a HP MicroServer Gen8 (Celeron G1610T and 8GB RAM). Nextcloud gets both cpus and 1GB of RAM.

I would have guessed that Nextcloud shouldn’t need that much power, if I only need it for some file transfers?

The biggest problem occurs when using webdav for media streaming, because the file doesn’t get transferred at full speed (since it’s streaming), but the cpu usage is extremely high nevertheless.


can you share some more information about your setup - especially regarding your virtualization environment? Does this also happen, if you download the same files via the WebUI?

A gig of RAM is likely going to push it to swap.

I see CPU spike on my system with webDAV, just because Apache starts consuming more resources to handle it. It doesn’t come near “all” CPU though, however I run a HEX core AMD FX which is considerably more powerful than a Celeron (I’ve got 2 of your system here too).

I’m using unRAID. After trying docker for some time, I switched to a VM, which I got from https://www.techandme.se

Yes it happens also when downloading via the WebUI. I’ve just tried Pydio and noticed that my cpu usage is only that high when my server has to do some kind of compression. So for example when downloading a folder, my server has to compress it (on the fly) and it seems as cpu usage is high because of that. Downloading a single file (doesn’t matter whether 1MB or 10GB) runs smoothly… but I don’t like pydio (and I don’t get WebDAV working), so I would like to get nextcloud working.

When downloading via the nextcloud WebUI, I always get a .tar file, so compression must be active? Would it be possible to turn that compression of (at least for single file downloading)? I guess, maybe that could be the problem?

I also set the RAM to 4GB, but doesn’t make a difference.