HIFI-Berry with NextCloudPI use of Spotify/Deezer and Internet Radio?

Nextcloud version (eg, 13.0.0):
Operating system and version (NextCloudPi):
Apache or nginx version (no idea):
PHP version (no isea):

The issue you are facing:

As my PI 3 has the HIFI-Berry card installed, i would like to use it with my hifi equipment. NextCloudPi is based on raspbian mini and comes with no GUI (no desktop). To use Spotify / Deezer or internet radio I would need something like a GUI. Now the question.
Should I install a gui on the NextCloudPI like XFCE?
What about the performance of the nc after installing a gui, will it be stil usable?
Are there other disadvantages to consider, when installing a gui?
Are there alternatives to reach my goal, perhaps an app to be installed in nc?
If there is an app for, is there also a client for an andriod mobile to control the app in nc?
Do I install the hifiberry card the same way i would do it in raspbian?

your point is not really getting clear to me (maybe it is because i’m blond :frowning: )

you’re talking of “nextcloudpi” which is a software helping you getting a clean nextcloud-setup for your raspberry hardware (and some others). it then runs under raspian 9 (lite) and sure enough it has a kind of gui (you can access it via https://your.internal.ip:4443)

but every other software you might wanna install to your raspi wouldn’t interact with ncp’s webgui.

so your questions would be answered like this, perhaps

that’s still up to you… but sure enough you just mean raspi3 and not nextcloudpi

if an additional installed software would cause the system to run slower it automatically would make nextcloud running slower as well… remember you just have a limited hardware. if nextcloud will still be usable? that depends upon your own needs. it might be slowed down beyond reason, though.

a deezer/spotify-app? not that i know of… but there is a music-app. maybe it would connect with said services. just try to find out

there are just 2 android apps for nextcloud… the nextcloud (client) app and nextcloud talk.

maybe, to just be on the safe side, you should get another raspi 3 and install nextcloud to this one and hifiberry with the other one.

Ok, sorry for having expressed myself misleadingly. Ncp comes with a GUI, which is accessible via browser from every device inside and outside my network, thats clear. Ncp runs on a rasbian mini tailored for the needs of ncp to run it properly, right? The raspbian mini comes with no graphical desktop, only command line, that is what i see, when i connect my Pi3 with a TV via HDMI, right? Would it affect much the performance of ncp, if i would install xfce on the raspbian or even a slimmer graphical desktop environment?
I will also take a look on the music app for ncp.

i bet so. that’s why i haven’t installed any GUI to my raspi. and that’s why raspian lite comes without any, in the first place.