Hiding users in Talk app

Hello everyone.

Trying to get my head around an issue with Talk.

So I have a bunch of users in the users group, all of the users can be seen in Talk by all the users of that group. Good.

However there is one user that I want to hide from all of the other users except me, the only user in the admins group.

The problem with Talk, well its not a problem I guess, is that all of the users can be seen and all of the groups can be seen so I’m having difficulty isolating one user from everyone else but me.

Basically there is one user that only I want to see and talk to and nobody else.

Can this be done and how…

Good app Talk. Like it

Best wishes all


why not removing this one user from the exsting group and putting them into a different one?

I think the Users needs to be in this group, but should not seen by others than admins.

e. g. employees and executive director, to prevent direct contact from one to another …

i guess it’s all or nothing… either everyone can see everyone or anyone can see anyone…

go to https://your.cloud.tld/settings/admin/sharing and uncheck Allow username autocompletion... to disallow seeing others.

To expand upon the answer a bit further, when you go to settings in your admin account, then under the section “Administration”, open the tab “Sharing”.
There, apply the following settings:

Enabled => Allow username autocompletion in share dialog

Enabled => Allow username autocompletion to users within the same groups

Disabled => Allow username autocompletion to users based on phone number integration

Disabled => Allow username autocompletion when entering the full name or email address (ignoring missing phonebook match and being in the same group)

This should make users only be able to find other users in the same group (add yourself to those groups even as admin, otherwise they cannot find you either), this does not only apply to sharing but also to Nextcloud Talk (mobile app included).

I do feel though that this should be referenced under the “Talk” tab also, this seems a bit too ambiguous