Hiding print and download buttons in PDF_Viewer

Is there a way of hiding the print and download buttons on the upper right of the pdf viewer app?
I managed to hide the buttions by editing …/templates/viewer.php but they still function if you click on their location.
Any guidance on this would be much appreciated…

If you managed to hide them, can’t you as well remove them?

Unfortunately no, I even tried to reach out to the persons that maintain it for nextcloud to no avail.
Hence any guidance would be much appreciated!

Wow, thumbs up for the fantastic support on this forum, especially from the developers!

Has it been resolved? If so how and is there is a setting?

Sorry I was being sarcastic with my remark!

Do remember this is a community forum. If you want faster responses from devs it’s usually a better idea to raise an issue on the project page of github.

…and so it seems, I guess I’m on the learning curve.
Still, it would be nice for a dev to which you address an email at least acknowledge receipt rather than totally ignore it.

Did you try and comment the corresponding parts in the code:

Not sure if it destroys the template, in that case you probably need to put a dummy icon instead and remove the printing function (in that case it is probably enough to just name the id-tag differently (or remove it)). The thing is called secondary print, so there is perhaps a primary print, I let you look for it by yourself.

Haven’t tried that yet, thanks for the lead, I will revert with the results.

Is enough to set in line like below properties - hidden=“true” in file viewer.php
<button id=“secondaryPrint” class=“secondaryToolbarButton print visibleMediumView” title=“Print” tabindex=“53” data-l10n-id=“print” hidden=“true”>