Hiding Nextcloud Server behind VPN (port forwarding, Domain registration)

Hey people! I would like to create a publicly accessible cloud, without exposing my home IP Adress to anyone. For that I use a paid VPN Sevice, that uses OpenVPN or Wireguard.

The VPN Service allows to forward ports for a specific VPN-using device i.e. my Server.

The complicated thing now is, that everything running on the server has to go through that VPN, to allow perfect privacy.

  • Pinning a DNS Provider to update the changing IP (not sure if that happens with the VPN provider)
  • the whole domain registration process should be as private as possible (maybe I can use an already existing one)
  • Every connection outside of the VPN should be forbidden, Updates, everything

Have you done something like that and can explain? Thanks in advance!


Pardon me, but what is the question here?

If your question is about the possibility of using a VPN to hide your server, then the answer is yes, it can be done and many setups are running like this.

It is not about nextcloud, it’s a networking related question I guess


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