Hiding Download Function

Hello Experts,

For designing a nextcloud sharing Plattform (Nextcoud version 17.0.0; PHP version 7.3) I was trying to figure out how to hide the “Download function” because some of our content providers request it (see Screenshot attached). I implemented following code In the file “Style.scss”:
#download {

  • display: none;*

Unfortunately, it does not work. My hypothesis is that some javascript is eventually overwritting my code, but I cannot figure out the real cause. It would be very great if I could get some feedback from your side.

Thanks in advance and Best regards

Also without Download-Button you can download the documents. It makes no sense for security reason.

Instead of download link:

Use direct link (go on object and copy the shown link, not click on it):

If you hide the link you can use it also because it is WebDAV.

Or click on the object (apps/files):

I think there are more possibilitys.

Hello Expert,

Thanks for your feedback and the tipps !
The user base is mostly not that tech savy. The fact that some would find a way to download is not a very big issue for the content providers. Issue would be if it becomes generalized. For me it would also be a big issue if too many start to download because the content have significant size.

Best regards

Perhaups you can deactivate the app “right click” :wink:

Or you must search the code or ask at github:

If a CSS hack doesn’t work, add some !important and it might work :wink:

Thanks :grinning: , but I had already deactivated it. The present matter is about the action menu.

Thank you Marcel! Unfortunately as I changed the code this way: image
It still did not work and the “Download” feature is still there :smiley:

Hi! Could you post how did you deactivated it, please? Thanks!