Hide specific files from external storage

Is it possible to hide certain filenames from being seen in the list? I want to share an external storage but it also contains additional files like *.tbn (thumbnail), *.nfo (information), which I don’t really want to share with people. These kind of files I would like to filter out from the share. Is that possible?

I only got it working using FTP and have the FTP server filter filenames, but the problem is that it is slow indexing, and not up to date when files are being added or removed. Also some folders remain in ‘pending’ state without ever showing a size. This doesn’t work properly and is from that perspective unusable.

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I don’t believe that there’s any way to exclude files from showing up in Nextcloud currently. In terms of having new files show in the interface though, I’d recommend running a cron job that executes occ files:scan all ( if I remember correctly) as your http user