Hide groups in nextcloud talk app


im running without problems a nextcloud server on my rpi4 (raspbian) with the last version

I created groups for users (2 home groups and 1 work group), and some of them uses the nextcloud talk app ive installed on the server

They successfully uses the android app to communicate, but every users of all groups i made can interact with each other, and i dont want to.

How can i restrain all users (or all groups) only to see groups they are from ? and not all of the groups/users registered on the server

Actually, they can all invite each other.


Same question here.
Is it possible to create some groups with their users and each user can contact another user from his group only ?
thank you

I think you can set this in the Admin panel in the Sharing submenu.

Not sure if some the settings only are valid for the sharing but you could give

  • Restrict users to only share with users in their groups
  • Restrict username autocompletion [...]

a try…

Solution : Give a group for each user and add theses groups to allow chat with talk.