HIBP Check Frequency

On Github, it is said that the check with HIBP is made every day. However, I have a password which as leaked and is referenced in HIBP tables which is not marked as breached in the passwords application.
Do you know where the problem comes from ? If I can use some logs or force the check to see if it works ?

  1. Are you actually using the HIBP service? You can check in the app settings if the app is configured to any other service like “1 million passwords” or “10 million passwords”. Those services will not check with Hibp.
  2. Is there any warning or error related to the passwords app in the Nextcloud log? (You can find the Log in the admin settings, usually “Logging” or “Protokoll”.)
  3. You can check if the passwords cache is filled in the app settings. If it isn’t, the job has either never run or fails to make a connection to the outside.