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Dear all,
I’m managing a nextcloud server. I need a way to get a report of all shares of all users. I’ve used this command which works: ./occ sharing list. BTW It contains informations not so readable. I.e. the users are from AD and the output of the syntax is, i.e.

        "id": "2915",
        "file_id": 860670,
        "owner": "64fe674c-18d2-11e8-9e22-000056102fa4",
        "initiator": "64fe674c-18d2-11e8-9e22-000056102fa4",
        "time": "2020-03-15T17:03:03+00:00",
        "permissions": 15,
        "path": "\/MY_PATH",
        "name": "MY_PATH",
        "is_directory": true,
        "type": "user",
        "recipient": "8ccd5210-18d2-11e8-9629-005056102fa4"

So the above does’nt give me informations about the owners and the file/folder.
I’ve tested the apis as well, but the syntax to get, i.e. the share_id 2915 answers me always with the share of the user I’m using to authenticate with the api, even if the user is an administrator.

curl -u 'myuser:mypass' -X GET https://MYSERVER/ocs/v1.php/apps/files_sharing/api/v1/shares?share_id=2915 -H "OCS-APIRequest: true"


<?xml version="1.0"?>

As you can see, the output is referred to id 1518 and not the asked 2915. Changing the id doesn’t help, alwats same result.

Any help??


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No suggestions at all?

Hi all again. Please even some hints would be helpful. I cannot find out the above informations.

Hello @xefil hope you are doing well…

First of all, why don’t you use “sAMAccountName” as the identification of the username/home dir? This makes your server structure and logs much easier to read.

Second thing, can you please describe your doubt again? It was not clear for me what you need.

All the best, have a nice week!


Hello @Beltran1337 , thanks for your answer.
Well, the system was inherited, so the setup was not done by me. That would be a good choise, but would avoid to change now with many users active.

My needs is to have an export/list of all shares created by users and look those (files or folders) shares to which users and /or groups are shared. Using ./occ sharing list I was able to export the whole shares, but they are not clean readable. You can see the owner, initiator and recipient are values not related to users (i.e. 64fe674c-18d2-11e8-9e22-000056102fa4).

I need to identify / map those numbers to users.

Meanwhile I’ve tested the API as well, but cannot query (look on my curl) based on share_id taken from the previous export. The answer is always the same share, even changing the id.

Maybe I need to query directly the database?



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Hey man, ok now I understand your issue.

And that’s happening because your ldap server is configured to use the UUID of the user (which is that long number) instead of they’re username.

That’s why I told you to set “sAMAccountName” as the ID.

Like this:

But one thing I have noticed, the occ sharing list does not exist.

PS.: I’m using NC 21.0.1 but I could’t find anything related to that command online, are you sure that’s right?

Hello @Beltran1337 .
It’s an app: Share Listing - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud
BTW if you have better suggestions, let me know.
In case if MySQL queries are needed, ok, then I’ll follow that way.

About the SMAccountName I’ve no idea if that would corrupt what actually is in production. I would avoid to change it. It’s sufficient to have a way to find out those informations if/when needed.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @Beltran1337 , sorry, any succestion? :slight_smile:

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Hello man, hope you are doing well…

Sorry bro, I wish I could help more :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry, thanks anyway! :wink: