Help with setting up my domain

I have purchased my domain through go daddy. I set up the DNS to point to my IP. When I type it in on my local network it redirects me to my actual IP address. When I try it from outside the network it loads and loads and eventually times out. It is added in my trusted domains on next cloud. I don’t understand why it redirects to my IP and doesn’t just stay as is in the url bar, I also can’t figure out why it isn’t connecting. if I remove all of the above and connect via the IP it works. Also my SSL is through let’s encrypt and my browser still shows the local IP ( as ‘unsafe’ any help much appreciated.

No redirect. You must use CNAME for name to ip. Post anonymized configs.

I’m not sure to understand what you try to do, can you explain us your configuration ? You told about a local IP address and a domain name what usually don’t work together.

Explain also, what you want to do.
What you do step by step
What you get
And why is not what you expect (even if it’s seem obvious).

Ok i write a new longer post. I think your settings is wrong. You need a dyndns service. Is “go daddy” a dyndns service? There you get a name. On your router you must set a port forwarding for 80/443 to your local nextcloud ip. Now you use the dyndns-name or set a new name from your domain (cloud.domain.tld) with CNAME to the dyndns name. On your local nextcloud you can use Lets Encrypt for TLS/SSL with the dyndns-name or your cloud-name (cloud.domain.tld).

I’m sorry for the delayed reply. I did need a dynamic dns service as my ISP will only give a static IP to business accounts that specifically request it. I have a netgear nighthawk router and netgear has a built in dyndns service that I used. I’m up and running now. Thanks for the suggestions!