Help with nextcloud installation

I’m trying to install the docker container of nextcloud, and I want it to be installed to a shared drive that is connected to my docker machine. I keep getting an error saying that it cannot create or write to this folder? Everything is open and read/writable from anyone. What am I doing wrong?

How exactly are you doing it? What do you mean with “shared drive”?

The container itself is probably better placed on the Docker system itself, but I guess it should be possible to create a named volume and place that on some external drive. Note however that you also need to do the same with the SQL database volume.

I have a samba share from another computer that has more available space, I would like any data from nextcloud to be stored there. how can I go about doing that?

I figured out why it would not allow me to write to this folder, however now I am having an issue of, the install getting hung up when it tries to reload under index.php

But the external storage app isn’t really meant for core NC functionality.