Help with modifying calendar to allow non-owner to send invitations

We have Nextcloud installed and working mostly how we want. All of our users are part of our organization and we are hoping to get the Calendar to be a little more open. As such we would like to modify the Calendar App so that any user can create an event in our main calendar and send out invitations. We know that Next cloud clearly states “Only the calendar owner can send out invitations, the sharees are not able to do that, whether they have write access to the event’s calendar or not.” and this is the part we are attempting to get around. We did notice that if a sharee creates and then deletes an event, the Cancelled notice does go out! So hopefully getting the original email invitations to also go out, is possible.

We have a fairly sound knowledge of PHP, but could use some help in knowing where to start to make this modification. I’ve gone through the Calendar App folder (lib) in particular, but nothing stood out as the place to make the change.

We are not asking anyone to do our homework for us, but if someone has already made this modification on their setup, we’d be quite interested in learning how it is done.

A big thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions.

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Is it possible for the “non-owner” people with shared access to the calendar can make a reminder then edit the reminder to be an eMail type reminder?

Non-owner’s have tried reminders, which do work, but no .ics files go out with the reminders. If we could enable an .ics file to be attached to the reminder, that is a workable alternative.

Having non-owners who are Admins of the calendar be able to send invites, seems like a reasonable task. Considering those same non-owners can delete an event, which triggers an email to go out. Why not allow them to send out invites? But I digress…