Help with iOS app

I’ve been trying to figure out

I have an internal ip adress and an external IP address with a port open 73.254.187:044 I can access my files on lan and wan using both address fine

My question is I have the app and I want to be able to access my file no matter where I am wan or lan with the same address. But can’t figure out how thought about a dns server but I don’t want to bounce my info on someone else’s server just want to keep it on my own.

You can’t. This is why everyone uses DNS.

You could run your own Nameservers and DNS server on your LAN though?

A small DNS resolver like unbound should be enough. You can modify some entries manually (to use the local IP of your setup at home).

You probably need to use the same port on your local and public IP. I’d use the standard port 443 for both, then you don’t need to specify a port and most public network let you access the standard ports for https.

thanks for your responses. does anyone have a good tutorial on setting up unbound