Help with External hard drive permissions

Hi everyone,

I am extremely new to this so please bare with me I am willing to learn if someone takes the time out to help. I have no tech back ground only a hobbie when I have time. I have picked nextcloud   because I have very important documents that run my bigness that I dont want google or anyone else to see. Thats a brief about me but im here today because I have a problem with my snap install and using an external hard drive. 


computer:Dell optiplex 760 ssff 2 core @ 2.50 with 160gb hard drive
External hard drive: HP 1tb passport

I do have a dell poweredge server if that is smarter to use (if someone recommends that let me know please)

Again I have 0 tech background you ask me to fix your truck I can do that you ask me to do construction I can do that but this is extremely hard for me but trying to understand.

first I have ubuntu 20.04 updated and upgraded.

Second installed nextcloud using command line with snap install. I have gone threw the set up and currently running for 2 days.

Third I have used the snap media removed able command threw update

Now problem is I dont have permission to create a file or upload a file to the hard drive nextcloud sees the local hard drive but in the external storage’s I am missing “smbclient”

Nextcloud version: 20.0.7

Ubuntu 20.04

apache ?? snap installed

php: 7.4.14

Admin logging:
[no app in context] Warning: Host was not connected to because it violates local access rules

If anyone needs more information please let me know thank you