Help with basic Calendar settings

Probably a noob question, but here goes:

I can’t even get past this in the documentation:
iOS - Synchronize iPhone/iPad Calendar

  1. Open the settings application.
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

First off, there are many places where there are “settings.” I’ve clicked all of them. And I don’t see any setting entitled “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

I DO have calendars installed - in fact, I have some read-only calendar subscriptions working. But I’d like full functionality!


So choose Settings->Accounts&Passwords->Add Account->other

There is CardDAV and CaldDAV


I don’t see that either.

Under Settings, there are Personal and Administration.

Under Settings->Personal there are Personal info, Security, Sync clients, Sharing, and Additional Settings
Under Settings->Administration there are Basic settings, Monitoring, Sharing, Security, Theming, Encryption, Activity, Workflow, Usage survey, Logging, Additional settings, Tips & tricks.


Here is an example.

Ah, those are settings for the iOS app, not for Nextcloud!

Next issue: getting the CalDAV to be recognized.

I have Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi, and I’m using port 8443 for SSL with a locally signed certificate only. I connect to Nextcloud using SSL without a problem, but iOS CalDAV can’t seem to make it happen.

I’m using:

First error is “can’t use SSL.” I’ve tried Advanced Settings, and tried both enabling SSL, as well as disabling and changing the port to 8080 (though per Nextcloud security I have a force on the server side to use SSL).

Any hints?

i heard that iOS-client(s) could turn out to be very picky about ssl-certificates.