Help with accessing nextcloud from outside of network THROUGH another web server


Love Nextcloud - it’s been a go-to for me and my family for quite some time now.

I’d like to be able to access and upload to my Nextcloud instance from outside of my network, but i’m stumbling and could use a hand.

Currently my network goes like this:
modem > ubuntu-server(webserver+dhcp+router) > switch > Nextcloud box
port forwarding of port 443 is done using iptables.
i’ve forwarded tcp and udp packets to the Nextcloud box and am confident my handiwork is effective as the same rulesets for remote desktop and other machines inside the network are working great.
from inside my network i can access the Nextcloud box via and all is good!

When i try it from outside via i cant get a connection through.

My front-end computer is running apache2 and has several domain pages running and i think my ssl request is being caught or blocked by this instance of apache2

back 5 or 6 years ago i would have poured over config files until it clicked, but i’m hoping to shorten this turnaround with a hand from one of you experts out there

should i be making a site.conf on my firewall/router box specifically to handle this redirect, or am i barking up the wrong tree?

thanks for your brains!!!

I think your “ubuntu-server(webserver+dhcp+router)” has only one gloabal ip and this ip is accessable from the internet. If you want several services (names) und must use vhosts. Also you must host nextcloud on the “ubuntu-server …” or use some kind of reverse proxy for mapping webservice to the nextcloud box.