Help Update 12.0.4

Hi, I’m thinking about updating to this latest version, but first I would like to know if my installed applications will continue the same as the user registration app, I would like to know if the apps are fully compatible before updating and not lose anything, since I also have an important user base.


I have updated to the latest and the greatest without any problems with the existing installed applications, how ever that does not mean you will not have any issues since I do not know which apps are installed in yours. Most of the time apps are also updated to work with the new versions if any issues occur. But rule of the thumb is always make backup in case something goes wrong so you can recover. If you are on a production server your best bet would be do the update/upgrade on a development server and if all your apps are working properly move forward with your production server. My 2 cents.

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thanks friend

It depends from what version you are updating. Within a major version, there shouldn’t be any issues regarding apps. On upgrades, e.g. the NC 13 release, it might take a while until all apps are available for this version. There is even an app that checks the availability of apps for the next version:

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