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Hello World,

I’m facing a little problem with the versionning App and its behaviour.
I looked at the documentation here :

I want to alter this behaviour because i have another need.
Let’s do an exemple :
I have a spreadsheet that i modify it often today, lets say one version every hour…
Two days later i saw that i’ve made a mis-delete line and i want to recover it, it was between 13h30 and 14h30…
I open the details of the files, goes to version and boom all the versions get merged into one, the last one in memory…

So i want Versionning App to keep all versions during 12 days (it’s an exemple) and after that 12 days, starting to merge old versions together to keep fit.

Looking for documentation here :

And modified my config.php with this new line :
‘versions_retention_obligation’ => ‘12,auto’,

I made another test two days ago…and same issue.
What am i doing wrong ?
I’m on Nextcloud 13.0.3

Nobody have a clue ?

Nobody can help @jospoortvliet @JasonBayton ?

And modified my config.php with this new line :
‘versions_retention_obligation’ => ‘12,auto’,

How about 12, auto

I will give it a try. See you in 2 days.

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@JasonBayton :disappointed_relieved:
It didn’t worked !!! argh
‘versions_retention_obligation’ => ‘12, auto’, (with a space between , and auto) didn’t help.

The versions get merged after a day.
I have a lot a spare space :
Filesystem ========Size ==Used ==Avail== Use% ==Mounted on 12T === 3.1T == 9.0T== 26%=== /data

Do i need to do an occ command after i modify config.php ?

You may alter the default pattern in config.php. The default setting is auto, which sets the default pattern:

'versions_retention_obligation' => 'auto',

Additional options are:

    D, auto
        Keep versions at least for D days, apply expiration rules to all versions that are older than D days

    auto, D
        Delete all versions that are older than D days automatically, delete other versions according to expiration rules

    D1, D2
        Keep versions for at least D1 days and delete when they exceed D2 days.

        Disable Versions; no files will be deleted.

I will try with this “D1, D2” like this “12, 30” to see if this does something

It’s still not working with the D1, D2 options.

How can i put an issue with that on Github ? @jospoortvliet @JasonBayton
I don’t see nextcloud/versionning, do i have to put it in the nextcloud/server github ?

Thank you.

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Hi @Nemskiller,

Yes, nextcloud/server repository is the right one for the versioning app.

When you’ve created it please link back here so we can better keep track (and bump it) if required :slight_smile:

I will write it on the top of the topic

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