[Help] Trying to connect CardDAV with MacOs

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to connect Cardav, so I’m following the instructions of NC Manual, page 54.
My problem is : where do I find the Password: Your generated App-password/token (App- password/token).
I clicked on the link , and it sent me to another page whose adress is


However, even with that help… Inside my NC session I have not find the way to go to the page that would allow me to generate the App- password/token.

Thanks for any suggestion.

Pascal HEFTI

Operating system: Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.51-3 (2017-12-13) x86_64
Webserver: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) (fpm-fcgi)
Database: mysql 10.1.43
PHP version: 7.3.4-1+020190412071350.37+stretch1.gbpabc171
Nextcloud version: 16.0.3 -

Mojave 10.14.6

Please have a look at [Discussion] Adressbooks sync with MacOS

Okay, thanks a lot.


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