Help testing the next release candidates

So we use this one now instead of the new topic from Lukas? :grin:

Just upgraded 11.0.1 -> 11.0.2RC1 and everything works fine so far.

BUT: Could you pleaaase backport the iPreview use for gallery? This is the one big change that finally made gallery usable for me. Without it larger picture folders take unbelievable long for the pictures to show up. No chance to share holiday pictures with gallery app, just download the whole thing to local desktop to browse nicely.

It’s just a small fix of three files (Now it’s five on the pull request? Maybe some more adjustments for nc 12?) I always make by hand. Since gallery got no change since first nc 11 release, I can also just move out the app before nc upgrade and override back again, but that should not be necessary for every minor update.

works as expected.
an upgrade from 11.0.1 (both: updater app and manually) and as well an installation from scratch
thank you!

How to Update on my nextcloud Box?
It is not possible to Change the Channel…

@shadow_empire the NC box isn’t configured to take updates in the traditional way. You’ll need to wait for a snap update. @oparoz any chance we’ll see RC snaps in future?

@LukasReschke could you perhaps pop a disclaimer on the RC post in future? This is asked on every update thread.

@JasonBayton we do, people need to switch to the beta channel of the snap.

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Oh nice… so 11.0.2 RC is already live for snap users? Does it launch in tandem with the main announcements?

The beta channel is targeting the stable branch, so you always get the latest fixes, but there may be regressions as the code has been less tested. Safe in the RC phase though.

You cannot install both at the same time afaik.

Updated 11.02RC1 to 11.02 RC2 over the Updater…

…no Problems :slight_smile:

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Dito! :slight_smile: Thanks for the upgrade :+1:

Thanks for testing all! We just pushed another RC that fixes a minor LDAP regression in Nextcloud 11.

Feedback as usual welcome! We hope that this will be the last RC before the final release :slight_smile:

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Updated 11.02 RC2 to 11.02 RC3 over the Updater … no Problems.

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No problem updating, but doing a sudo -u apache php70 occ files:scan --all still doesn’t work. My understanding was that this was to be fixed in 11.0.2

I got into problem when was updating using updater
it got stucked at downloading, notmatter how much time i retry, it starts downloading again and again
it also got stucked in extracting
lastly i have to upgrade it manually copying and pasting my data, apps and config file.

works fine for me on ubuntu 16.04 lts, nginx 1.11, php 7.0.16, Nextcloud 11.02 RC3
what went wrong, could you please provide any error messages or more details?

Updated 11.02 RC2 to 11.02 RC3 over the Updater … no Problems.


The command runs for about five minutes but there is no output. No errors either.

Here are some screen shots.

Please enhance your command:
sudo -u apache php70 occ files:scan --all -v
Do you get verbose messages now?

Still nothing. So bizzare.

For me with NC 11.0.2 RC2 the error (and error logs) with invalid MP3 files persists: Error with previews while browsing music files

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