Help testing the new Deck version 0.3 beta

Hi everyone,

I just released the first beta of the next version of Deck. To make sure everything works out nice, I call out for testing the prerelease version. If you find any bugs, please report them in our GitHub issue tracker.

Here is a summary on what’s new for version 0.3:


  • Allow to assign users to cards
  • Emit notifications for overdue cards
  • Emit notifications if boards gets shared to a user
  • Add support for Nextcloud 13
  • Simplify layout for cleaner user experience
  • Add contacts menu to avatars
  • Automatically save card description on inactivity


  • Fix card dragging behaviour
  • Fix scrolling and dragging on mobile
  • Various fixes when data is not syncronized between different views
  • Improved performance
  • Update document title when renaming a board
  • Automatically chose the least used color
  • Improve accessibility
  • Fix issue when assigning labels after creating them
  • Allow to save tag changes with enter

No big problems are expected but be sure to not use any beta on production systems if you don’t have proper backups. :wink: You should have backups for any system of course.

Sadly nightly releases need manual work to be installed but that is just three simple steps:


Looks like an unstable 0.3.0 beta made it into the semi-“automated” upgrade (within the apps manager).
I get “Error while loading stacks” when clicking on a project.
Was that on purpose?

Hello. I do not understand what this application is for. Is it not better to extend the functional of the “task” application. “Tasks” have an integration with the calendar.

@instabus Kanban is a process-management and improvement method for lean-manufacturing process
deck is an great tool for this methodology, not just a task list

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As @amarillo said, it is a different approach and it is not that easy to have a 1-to-1 relation to the tasks/calendar functionality. However we will add some sort of linking between those in the future.

For anyone interested, I’ve just published a RC of 0.3.1. Testing is very much appreciated:

Deck 0.3.1-rc1



  • Fix performance issue with large LDAP instances
  • Fix assigning users to newly created boards
  • Various performance improvements
  • Fix some untranslated strings (@cloud2018)
  • Add confirmation dialog to delete options
  • Fix issues with assigned users list when saving a card
  • Delete assignments if users get removed

Download v0.3.1-rc1 from GitHub