Help testing 13.0.1 RC 1, 12.0.6 RC 1, 11.0.8 RC 1

We just packaged the RC 1 version of all maintenance releases that are planned for the next week. As always you can either download them directly from prerelease folder on the download server: or you use the beta channel of the built-in updater and use that.

As always: have an backup available and keep rocking :rocket:

The changelog of those releases can be found here:


If you find bugs report them in our bug tracker: and if it is a bug that is related to the update itself you can get at least a Nextcloud t-shirt. :wink: (@jospoortvliet knows more on this one)


Thanks for this. But hmm, I donโ€™t see an update with beta channel active. Is it rolled out in waves as well? Daily channel just offers an outdated February build.

Same problem here. No 13.0.1 offered.

I installed it via the โ€œdailyโ€ option. You will get some scary characters, but it should install 13.0.1

I just changed to the โ€˜dailyโ€™ update channel and was offered only this

Nextcloud 13.0.0 Build:2018-02-06T00:39:26+00:00

No sign of 13.0.1 being available anywhere for me :frowning:

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you will get 13.0.1 anyway even that text states different

We just noticed that it wasnโ€™t deployed to the updater server yet. It should be available now. To enforce a refresh of the latest state just change from the current channel to a different one and back to beta. Then you should get the update notification for the RC1.


Successfully updated now to Nextcloud 13.0.1 RC 1

Thanks guys!

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Jep, everything went fine now, many thanks :+1:!