Help test the Bookmarks app total overhaul!

~100 commits available to the current Bookmarks app! Massive improvements! Testing and feature requests encouraged! See pull request #424 for details, and be sure to install the latest build off Git!

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Looks really good. Nice work! I consider now to come back from wallabag :smiley:

Are you planning to have a similiar usecase like wallabag? Because I really like there the feature, that you can read ‘links’ offline and archive them. It is very useful for me to have something, I can read while traveling by train :smiley:

I don’t think this was implemented. You could request such a feature on the bug tracker, I’m not sure if the news-app is perhaps the better place (it uses RSS feeds but perhaps you could add specific content from URLs you want to read). If you want to read offline, you probably need a suitable mobile app or program on your desktop/mobile pc.

Sorry for the question. But how to download/install a working “last build”?

Thanks @just for posting this.

You will need to have installed git, composer and node.js and then run the following commands in the terminal:

git clone
git checkout feature/new-ui
composer install
npm install
npm run build
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… okay - thanks. so i missed the last three lines :smile:

So I have a running “new-ui” Bookmarks app … :slight_smile:

Where to report bugs/issues the best way. On github? If github - how to lable it so that you can filter for “new-ui”?

You can post directly to the pull request discussion on github for new-ui.

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Perhaps it’s worth noting that with this new release there will be an app to sync bookmarks with your browser:

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looks pretty amazing from what i am anticipating … :slight_smile: - but i couldn’t find anything about: does the new app speak “directory”? meaning: how does it handle bookmark-directories? or a directory-tree in existing bookmarks?

@JimmyKater Thanks :slight_smile: The app does not handle directories at the moment, but floccus is able to sync your directory structure by creating tags containing the path to the bookmark as a workaround.


which version?

will it be possible at all? since with the new ff all the old bookmark-apps are gone. so maybe your app would become THE one? :wink:

The stable release of floccus doesn’t support folders yet, but the latest beta version does.

Dumping tags in favor of folders in nextcloud bookmarks is probably not going to happen as the bookmarks app has a tradition of using tags instead of folders and tags are usually more flexible indeed, but it was discussed to add a database column to store bookmark paths for the purpose of syncing browsers. Still, then the question is how people would be able to access those paths in the nextcloud app without any folder UI. In my opinion adding a tag that holds the path might be superior, since people can edit tags already and can thus easily change the folder of a bookmark even in the nextcloud app. Still, the situation is not ideal, as firefox removed the ability to read and write tags by switching to webextensions, so, any tags you set in the web UI cannot be shown in the browser as tags, currently.

The upcoming release of floccus will allow you to choose a custom folder that you’d like to sync, though. And there is also an alternative addon that just acts as a frontend for nc bookmarks in your browser without actually syncing anything, which might also be very useful. All in all, I think the situation is improving, even if not at as rapid a pace as one would hope for :slight_smile:

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:confetti_ball:Changes merged! Thank you @marcelklehr for the much improved Bookmark app overhaul! Coffee and pie for everybody! :cupid: :fireworks::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Thanks :smiley: Do note, that the new release of the bookmarks app does not yet ship with the new UI, but it will be shipped soon :slight_smile: