Help test RC2 of our desktop client!

RC2 of our desktop client has the following changes compared to the first RC:

  • desktop#2505 Status
  • desktop#2967 Add
    missing error handling for downloads of client side encryption
  • desktop#2976 Split
    content of User::isValueableActivity()
  • desktop#2981 Refresh
    Windows download dialog progress when hydrating a placeholder
  • desktop#2989 Display
    the content of the login dialog correct
  • desktop#2990 Fix
    crash when trying to open the folder creation dialog
  • desktop#2995 Repair
    basic auth support
  • desktop#2998 Fix
    incorrect type when reading the ‘logExpire’ property from config.
  • desktop#2999 Don’t
    customize settings dialog palette
  • desktop#3009 Don’t
    check against product name if checking server version
  • desktop#3010 CFAPI:
    Handle cancelation of hydration requests
  • desktop#3016 Fix for
    Windows CreateFile long path
  • desktop#3020
    Increase logging around file removal events
  • desktop#3025 Enable
    high dpi scaling on all platforms
  • desktop#3028 Check
    reading from journal was successful before remove placeholder
  • desktop#3029 L10n:
    Change sync message

Yes, that means a minor feature was added - showing the status of the user in the UI. Give this a test, how does it look with your favorite status?

There is also a known issue with the virtual drive/replacement files:

on Windows, on a newly created syncing folder with VFS enabled, you might see the error “Error writing the metadata do the database”.

We don’t know yet what causes it and we’re debugging it. If you experience any other errors, please, let us know, that is the only way we can be sure everything works not only on our internal testing but also in real life, on your servers!

Get it here:

Wrong link, use Releases · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub instead and download the upcoming 3.2 client.

Good catch, fixed the link. Ppl can either download from github or our server…

Works much better than RC1, and even better than 3.1.3! Thank you