Help test RC1 of the new Bookmarks release! (With Full text archiving and searching)

Hello there,

I’ve been busy since the last release in febuary: getting together with the design team to find rough edges as well as conducting a basic usability study of the bookmarks app to identify UX problems.
The result is the upcoming v4.2.0, which in addition to the improvements listed below brings full text archiving and searching of bookmarked HTML pages. To help test the release you can download the tarball of the release candidate here.



  • Implement full-text archiving of HTML pages
  • UX: Implement drag and drop for moving items
  • UI: Add visual indicators for sharee privileges
  • UX: Add note for admins if scraping is disabled
  • UX: Allow dragging bookmarks onto tags
  • UX: Allow creating new tags in main menu (optimistically)
  • UX: Optimistically add bookmark to list when creating
  • UI: Move Sort order from settings to Controls
  • Dashboard: Add ‘frequent bookmarks’ widget


  • Updated translations from transifex :hearts:
  • Authorizer: Check token first, then check user credentials
  • BookmarkService: Keep tags when moving across share boundaries
  • Migration: Ensure all tables have primary key
  • CrawlJob: Set some time and size limits for archiving content
  • Fix: Recover from multiple root folders
  • Fix OrphanedTreeItemsRepairStep: Reinsert lost bookmarks instead of deleting them
  • UI: Display archived content in full-page overlay
  • UI: Change “Archived” to “Files” menu entry (+new icon)
  • UX: Refactor and improve folder picker
  • UX: Bookmarklet: Adjust window height
  • UI: Remove frustrating paddings from Item.vue
  • UI: Don’t cover bookmark titles when there’s many tags
  • UX: Don’t display spinners for the first 500ms
  • UX: Improve speed of moving items
  • UX: Make sharing visible in folder menu
  • UX: Move BulkEditing to the left
  • UI: Fix getPermissionsForFolder

Stay safe in your personal stratosphere :cloud:


if you have tested this for some time and found no problems, please let me know about that, too :smiley:

This is no test or bug report, but I wanted to say Thank You for keeping up the good work on Bookmarks and the Floccus Browser extension, :+1:

While I do not use the UX of the Bookmarks app a lot, matter of fact I don’t even know how it looks exactly in it’s current state :wink: I do use the Bookmarks app on a daily basis in combination with the Floccus browser addon, to sync my bookmarks over all my machines and it has been working without any problems for quiet some time now. It has thus become another important component to me in order to be independent of 3rd party cloud providers. :slight_smile: