🚀 Help test Desktop Client 3.1.0RC1

The desktop client team has hit the release button on the first rc for the upcoming 3.1 and there’s a number of things they would love feedback on.

  • First, the new version is shipped as a MSI on windows - how is that working out?
  • Second, how is memory consumption going? We had some memory leaks in 3.0.x and hopefully have addressed those.
  • Third, there is a new debug archive button in the settings, which continuously logs and helps us find problems. How’s that working?
  • There is a new conflict dialog window, how’s that doing?

There is one known issue: E2EE can trigger a code path in the server-side app which chokes the server and causes a variety of weird issues. This will really need a change on the server app, and until that is done please don’t use the 3.1RC client with E2EE as it will just cause all kinds of problems… You can track this issue here.

You can grab the release on github (click the little asset line for the various packages) or from our download server.

Please, provide feedback below or on github!


In the future, it will be like onedrive, with a right-click menu, can you choose to download as needed?

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That feature is in 3.1 I believe, test it and let us know if it works for you!

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Isn’t this about the “Virtual Drive” feature?

er-vin commented on a Github issue that this is probably going to be stable in Q1/Q2 2021.

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Yes, it is planned like @Chartman123 commented. But not in that release. See https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/releases/tag/v3.1.0-rc1

Great, I believe many people will like it. This is what many people are looking forward to, waiting for earlier arrival!

Problem solved.
Located a configured access control rule in in Workflow area denying access for non admin users of the Desktop client. That rule removed and it now works.

I was hoping this new version would fix the long standing issue we have had with the Windows client, that (for regular users) it does not “See” the files or folders whose access control is handled by “Group Folders”.

However this new version not fixing that issue.

I (and others) have raised earlier tickets, for instance: Group Folders invisible to Windows NextCloud Synch client
but not been able to make it work.

We are using NextCloud v18

Note that I CAN SEE our Group Folders controlled folders and files:-

  • In the Windows client if I sign on with an account which is part of the Admin group
  • With the Android app (app v3.13.1 on Android 8.1) without having had to do any additional configuration
  • If connect from my Windows desktop via a WebDav link

Clearly a misunderstanding. Virtual Drive (right click download on demand) IS NOT a feature in 3.1

@wiswedel Have you seen my comment at #5 ???

On Mac, client doesn’t restart automaticaly after upgrade.

MSI installer works.

Haven’t seen any memory leaks so far on a few computers.

About the conflict dialog… It gets the job done, but the conflict is still showing until a sync occurs. I am inpatient so I trigger a “Force Sync” to get my icon green again. Would be nice if it happened automatically and immediately.

Excuse the possible unrelatedness, but on that note, is it viable to add the “Force Sync” entry in the tray icon context menu to make a forced sync more accessible?



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can someone check if this is fixed please https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/issues/619

I tried some 3.x version (dont remember which one) and it was not fixed yet.

IMO a severe bug: user thinks it is synced, changes file, saves, server version syncs > conflict! The user is baffled - why is there a conflict? It showed the green checkmark!

This bug is open for more than two years.

Why not checking yourself? :slight_smile:
You can try the final v3.1 right now. See https://download.nextcloud.com/desktop/releases/Windows/

btw. psssst :wink:

See Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.1 is here with new conflict dialog, notification handling and sharing options